Our Kalamazoo Makerspace promotes an environment for individuals to gather, innovate, invent, tinker, learn, and explore. The Kzoo Makers accomplish this by offering equipment training, enrichment workshops, group projects, and community events, along with various mentorships.

Kzoo Makers believes in enabling individuals to unfold their creativity. By exposing individuals to new ideas, removing barriers, and encouraging collaborative learning; we will build a stronger community.

Kzoo Makers is a project of the Kalamazoo Innovation Initiative (KII), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are a group of local artists, crafters, engineers, makers, and thinkers who work together to provide tools, workspaces, and learning resources to our members.

We are currently open four days a week to our members and provide tours by appointment throughout the week for aspiring members. Members have access to all equipment and tools once safety training has been completed.

We offer a full electronics lab with multiple scopes and meters along with soldering equipment, a computer lab, multiple 3D printers, 5 laser cutters from 40w to 120w, a full cabinet level woodshop with many types of saws, jointers, planers and sanding equipment as well as multiple CNC machines. More recently we have been adding on metal machine shop and welding capabilities.

If interested in joining click here and one of the volunteer staff will contact you to setup a tour and initial signup!

The Kzoo Makers members cover all services at the makerspace purely through volunteering. Several members go beyond the normal calling by providing basic safety training and simple skill workshops. These volunteers also run all business operations.