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Welcome to the Kalamazoo Maker space where the only limits are your imagination. Our facility is available to you to build nearly anything you want, with the resources you need. This is your space to create, design and explore new creative disciplines

The handbook is your starting guide to your maker journey. More detailed information on just about every subject covered here is on our Wiki at https://www.kzoomakers.org/wiki


Everything we do boils down to personal responsibility. This goes from asking for help when you don’t know how to do something, to cleaning up after yourself, to not showing up when you are contagious with ebola.

We believe in this so strongly that we feel it is unnecessary to spell out exactly what we expect people to take responsibility for and instead suggest you consider it at every step. We also expect you to stay up-to-date on policy changes, and we consider it our responsibility to make it very easy to do so.


Kzoo Makers is made up of people from all walks of life; different ages, educational backgrounds, genders, sexual preferences, political affiliations, occupations, religions, nationalities, etc. Kzoo Makers strive to be inclusive.

We like that every person will approach an issue differently and together, we can work as a team. Having so much diversity requires that everybody have a sense of respect for themselves as well as for those around them. This includes understanding that we are all very different, and realizing that the best solution to a problem may come from an unexpected source. This is not a place to be arrogant. This is a place to be successful.


  • New Member Signup
  • Tours
  • Dues
  • Hours
  • Access
    • Badges

How to participate

  • Basics
  • Scheduling events

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  • Reserving equipment
  • Getting help

Rules and Policies

  • Code of Conduct
    • Non-Discrimination Policy
    • Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Guests
  • Minors
  • How to get kicked out


  • Shop Rules
  • Dress Code


  • Definition
  • Map
  • Working with zone leaders
  • Mentoring others


Equipment owned by the makerspace

Members in good standing may use the equipment owned by the makerspace after completing the required safety training and equipment use training. Some equipment and materials require an additional cost for maintenance and materials replacement. See the wiki pages about specific zones and equipment for more information. Equipment is intended to be shared by all members who have completed the required training. If equipment is in high demand, Kzoo Makers reserves the right to limit individual use of an item and require equipment reservations. See the scheduling section for more information.

Shared property

Members may bring equipment or materials to the makerspace and share it with the members and retain ownership of the equipment. To share property with Kzoo Makers, complete a shared equipment form with the appropriate Zone Leader. A fair market value of the item is determined when the equipment is brought into the space. If the owner chooses to sell the equipment, the makerspace reserves first right of purchase. The owner may remove the property at any time after notifying the Zone Leader.

Personal property

Members are free to bring in their own materials and equipment to use in the makerspace as long as it meets the safety and policies of the makerspace. Personal property should be taken with the member when they leave for the day. If the member wants to keep personal property in the makerspace, refer to the storage section. If an item is left, it may be considered abandoned.


Members of the makerspace and the general public are encouraged to make donations of desired equipment and materials. Donations are welcome as long as they fit into the plans and needs of Kzoo Makers. Prior to bringing a property donation, please complete a donation form and submit it to the Zone Leader for approval. We’re sorry we can not accommodate all potentials donations as space is limited. If the donation is accepted and you wish to take a tax deduction, a receipt will be provided to you.


Small amounts of materials can be stored at Kzoo Makers while you are actively working on it. They must be clearly labeled with your name. The storage location depends on the zone. Check with the Zone Leader for availability of storage locations in your zone. Kzoo Makers may have space available for members to rent to store personal property or keep a project space for an extended period of time. See the wiki for more information.

Abandoned Property

The makerspace is intended to support active members. If a member is not actively working on a project and leaves their personal equipment or materials in the space, the Zone Leader and Executive Council reserve the right to designate it as abandoned property.

If materials or equipment are brought into the makerspace without following the processes documented in the previous sections, the Zone Leader or Executive Council may consider it abandoned property.

Because of the limited space we have available for member storage, the Zone Leader and Executive Council have the right to use or dispose of the abandoned property as they see fit.


How much does it cost to join?

Regular membership is $50/month. Ask about current specials.

Is the only choice a monthly membership?

There are different levels, ranging from a day pass to all-access membership.

What do I get for the membership fee?

Members get access to the building during open hours and access to equipment. Machine usage may require additional training and cost.

If my (minor) kid wants to join/come with me, what are the requirements?

One minor child per adult may come as a guest and sit with you. For junior membership or day pass, the child must be at least 12, and a parent/guardian must be with the minor.

Is there a family plan and who would that cover?

A family plan is available for two people to join together at a discount as long as dues stay current.

What is the website address?


What are the hours?

Building hours vary by plan and for the public. Please see kzoomakers.org for the most updated information.

If I only want a day pass, what are the hours?

A day pass must be pre-arranged. Please contact ahead of time at contact@kzoomakers.org or come in during the public open hours listed on kzoomakers.org.

How can I learn how to use a machine?

The training need varies by machine and project. As a member, the best idea is to start with the Zone Leader of the area or one of the mentors. Another choice is to look at https://kzoomakers.org/events-calendar/ for a training workshop.

Who would I talk to about machine use?

Talk to the area Zone Leader or one of the mentors.

I have experience using this tool. Do I still have to take your safety workshop?

Yes. Everyone is required to take the applicable safety workshop. See the safety section of this handbook for more information.

Are there people available to help me with a project?

Although there are members who may have expertise, it is not guaranteed that they will answer more than general questions. Start with the Zone Leader of the area and ask for a referral.

I need help with my design. Will you help me do it?

The design service is extra. It is not included as part of the membership.

What if I want someone to make my project?

Some members may be open to working on outside projects. You're welcome to discuss arrangements with them to get your project completed.

Are there classes and how do I find out when they are?

Kzoo Makers does not offer classes. We do offer regular activities and workshops. They are listed at https://kzoomakers.org/events-calendar/ and also may be at .facebook.com/KzooMakers/ and https://www.meetup.com/KzooMakers/.

How do I contact someone?

You may email contact@kzoomakers.org or call the building at 269-270-3141.

Can I store my project while I’m working on it?

It depends on the size of the project and the length of time, and there may be a charge. Contact the Zone Leader of the area for further information.

Where do I sign-up? (Membership/day pass/punch card)

At the Kzoo Makers office during public open hours.

Where can I find more information?

Information is available on kzoomakers.org.


Contact Information (also available on the website):


1102 E. Michigan
Kalamazoo, MI 49048