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The purpose of this policy is to have consistency in event scheduling and consistency in the way KMS informs individuals of those events.


  • Any member in good standing can create an event after approval.
  • Members can also sponsor events for outside guests once approved.
  • Outside organization or individuals must contact either a current member, a Zone Leader, or the Council to hold events at the makerspace.
  • All events at the makerspace will have a current member sponsoring to insure that the policies of the makerspace are followed.
  • Outside organization or individuals will have a sponsor appointed once the event is accepted.

Types of Events

These are some types of events covered in this policy.

  • Activities
  • Workshops
  • Meetups
  • Meetings
  • Promotional Meetups
  • Study groups
  • Socials
  • Group Projects
  • Work Days
  • Demonstrations
  • Show and Tells

  • Offsite events - will be noted only to inform members of important events in the community
  • Personal projects - are not scheduled unless affecting the access for other members
  • Classes - try to avoid using the term “Class” or “Classes”. Using the term places connotations that might not meet with the attendees expectations. At the Makerspace we provide a more laid back atmosphere.

The Process

This is a quick example list of steps to create an event.

Sponsoring member

  1. Think of an event
  2. Plan the details of the event
  3. Receive approval from Zone Leader
  4. Fill out Event Form.
  5. Monitor and respond to event’s social media
  6. Print out an attendance log
  7. Have the event
  8. Clean up
  9. Tie up loose ends

Zone leader

  1. Think of an event
  2. Plan the details of the event
  3. Email the Zone Coordinator to inform them of the event.
  4. Update Google Calendar
  5. Update Meetup
    1. Remember to include your picture
  6. Update Facebook
    1. use the Meetup URL in the Facebook event posting
  7. Update makerspace whiteboards
  8. Monitor and respond to event’s social media
  9. Print out an attendance log
  10. Have the event
  11. Clean up
  12. Tie up loose ends


  • Exceptional planning can lead to a successful event.
  • Be aware of the time frame of when the posting is distributed. At least two weeks out is the best minimum for posting. This allows the makerspace to market the event effectively.
  • Figure out how the event will be done, and what materials are needed for the event.
  • The event description should be well thought out and have an outline of the tasks in the event. This will help the attendees understand the scope of the event.
  • Remember to include any prep time you require to setup your event.
  • If an Area or Zone needs to be closed prior to, during, or after the event, the membership shall be informed.


The cost for events is determined by the inconvenience to the makerspace.

Makerspace Fee

This is added to an event for usage of the building and the equipment.

  • Events that are during regular hours and that are members only should not incur a makerspace fee
  • Currently $5 per head for non-members is suggested. This doesn’t allow non-members or non-trained members full access to the makerspace during the event times.

Accessibility Fee

This is added to an event for opening the building if the host doesn’t have access.

  • Events outside of normal hours or on off days will have an additional fee.
  • The cost will be set by the person that has to cover the access.
  • Limiting other members from using the KMS during normal hours will incur an additional cost.

Instruction Fee

Some events will have instructor that will charge for their services.

  • You are allow to make money from the makerspace by teaching others.
  • If there is a instructor fee there will be a makerspace fee.
  • Instruction is not provide for free from the makerspace. Instructors may choose to donate their knowledge but it is not required.

Material Cost

Some events will have the materials provided by the makerspace or host.

  • The makerspace suggests charging members the direct cost of the materials and a slightly higher cost for non-members.
  • If the host plans on using any makerspace consumables they must plan to reimburse the makerspace for those items.

Other Notes on Cost

  • Be sure to include a way to collect money for your event
  • Money for services provided by the KMS are not donations
  • Events with no discount for members are not recommended
  • Not all donated materials qualify for taxable deductions
  • For help on determining the total cost to the attendee the event use Event Cost Form.


Approval is the first step in holding an event.

  • All events, prior to scheduling, shall be discussed with the hosting area’s Zone Leader.
  • The Zone Leader is responsible to ensure the event fits the zone goals.
  • The Zone Leader will check to see if the zone is available for use during the requested time and date.
  • The sponsor and host must comply with all makerspace policies for their event.
  • The host will coordinate with all Zone Leaders or Coordinators affected by your event.
  • Any issues with approvals will be resolved at the Council level.


Once the event has been approved the next step is informing the possible attendees of the event.

  • Non-Zone leaders can fill out the Event Form to have their event posted to social media.
  • Zone leader can post events to social media in their area and others areas once they have proper approval for all areas used.
  • If the host fails to provide a picture, a stock KMS image will be used.
  • All events will be posted on the information board.
  • Several zone also have calendars; place the event on the appropriate calendars.
  • Members only events will only be listed on KMS google calendar and may have a reminder in the weekly email.
  • For events that the public is invited to attend, an “open to public cost” and a “membership cost” will be include.

Recurring Events

Events can be recurring and scheduled in advance to reserve KMS resources.

  • Recurring posting will only be posted two months. This is due to difficulty in some social media scheduling systems.
  • A standard description will be used for events until the details are fully realized. Changes can be made by filling out a new events form or having a zone leader make the changes.

The Event

During the event

  • The host and sponsoring member are responsible for non-member attendees.
  • Attendance logs are located in the hall outside the office.
  • A waiver is required for anyone using the tools or equipment at the makerspace.
  • If the host is late or fails to show, the event will be canceled.
  • If the event cannot be contained within its scheduled time slot, this will cause a cancellation.

Post Event Activities

Once the event occurred there are several things that must be done before the event is considered finished.

  • Clean up the area after the event, and make sure equipment is returned.
  • Put the attendance log and the received money into an envelope and deposit into the office drop-box.
  • Post pictures of the results to social media.


In the event of cancellation, don't panic; bring a towel.

  • Inform the Zone Coordinator and all those that are affected by the cancellation.
    • Note the cancellation on all social media
    • Email: Contact@kzoomakers.org


The Sponsoring Member/Host is responsible

  • for monitoring and answering questions posted to social media.
  • for the content of the event.
  • for collecting payment for the event.
  • for any outside guest.
  • for cancellations

The Zone leader is responsible

  • approving events located in their zones.

The Zone Coordinator is responsible

  • for posting the event once the form is filled out.
  • for determining conflicts due to overlapping event requests.
  • for bring conflicts to the Coordinator Council.
  • for informing members of closed areas during regular hours.


The KMS understands conflict will arises when two or more events are competing for the same resources (time slot and areas).

  • The following items will be taken into consideration to resolve a conflict:
    • Any inconvenience to the makerspace to hold the event.
    • The date, time, area, and resources required for the events.
    • Which event was booked first.
    • Usage of member’s allotted reservation time.
    • Recurring group’s allotted reservation time.
    • Number of current members participating in the event.
    • Revenue to Kzoo Makers.
    • Exposure to the public for Kzoo Makers
    • The amount of effort will it take to reschedule either of the events.

  • The KMS will use the rule of 2 hours per month per current member for event reservation.
  • Resources will be locked for individuals making requests at least 1 month in advance.
  • Any conflicts will be resolved at the Council level. We prefer the conflicting parties discuss the issue and arrive at a resolution before the Council steps in.

Check List

  • The event description should be professional looking and “well-thought-out” before posting.
  • Make sure event description on social media links back to the google calendar.
  • Be clear to define scope of the activity in the description.
  • Include a picture of what you’re making. The picture will help clarify what the activity entails.
  • Include “open to public cost” vs “membership cost”
  • If the event has a cost associated with it, a plan must be made to collect money.
  • Print out an attendance log for the event.
  • Include minimum age for workshop participation.
  • Take pictures of the results and post them to social media.
  • Do not use the word “class”.