Have you noticed an increase in the number of activities on our event calendar lately? Did you even know that Kzoo Makers has an event calendar on the website which you can check out here? This past week is a good example of one of our busier weeks.

Here are some highlights by the day:

On Monday, October 16th, Joe (member/mentor), with support from Ron (member/zone leader) instructed a group during the second part of an introduction to electronic circuits. Joe will be leading similar workshops on the third Mondays of the month and Ron hosts an Electronics Forum on the first Monday of the month.

Intro to electronic circuits p2 Intro to electronic circuits p2 Intro to electronic circuits p2





On Tuesday, October 17th, Dan from Alumilite¬†demonstrated different projects with examples. It seemed to be a popular topic based on the size of the group sitting in the woodshop. Isn’t the ice cream scoop cool? Look for more collaborative efforts with Alumilite in future workshops.





On Thursday, October 19th, Cathy (member/zone leader) instructed the third of a three part series for the Arts and Crafts area. One Of the points she wants to emphasize is that fiber arts or electronics are not solely used for fiber arts or electronics projects. The Series 3: Soft Circuits workshop combined the use of sewing a variety of stitches, following a pattern, and adding lights. Adding the lights meant that Cathy had to be able to understand and then teach how to create parallel and serial circuits. The Kzoo Makers is an example of a completed soft circuit project. Here are some other pictures from the last couple of third Thursday night arts and crafts workshops:

Arts and Crafts Series 3 soft circuits








Final notes: If you have been thinking about membership, the 6 month contract special is available through October 31, 2017. Just want to know what activities are coming up? Check out the events calendar here. Look for more highlights coming in a future post. Thanks!