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Why Collaboration between Organizations is Important

What do an amateur radio group, a woodworkers guild, 4H, Michigan Jaycees, a Linux users group, and a Cub Scout pack have in common? They are examples of outside organizations who have utilized the Kzoo Makers space for their own … Continue reading

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Sunday Sweep: What is coming up at Kzoo Makers from 2/12-2/19/2018

The Sunday Sweep is a weekly post of what is coming up on the Kzoo Makers calendar. For a complete listing of all events, please visit kzoomakers.org/events-calendar/ Tuesday, 2/13, 5:30pm (at Arcadia Brewing Company), Pitch Zoo – Kalamazoo Tuesday, 2/13, 6pm, … Continue reading

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Table Saw (Saw Stop) Tidbit from Kzoo Makers

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A closer look at jointing a rough cut piece of wood

The first time you see a jointer, especially one that is 16 inches long, it may seem like a big and scary machine to use. The following video was taken during a workshop at Kzoo Makers and features Daniel Wilkins … Continue reading

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Why Thursdays are Ideal

If you have visited the Kzoo Makers space or have been following the blog posts, then you probably have seen the stacks of Ideal Wood rough cut lumber. You may even remember reading about the Ideal Wood Field Trip from the summer.  … Continue reading

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Are we there yet? Part 2

Almost every time I do a tour, I start in the back with the electronics area and work my way around to the meeting and workshop areas. This is the point that anyone on the tour thinks we are about … Continue reading

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Making a Shelf from Rough Cut Lumber at Kzoo Makers

How to take a rough cut piece of lumber and turn it into a finished piece of lumber by dimensionalizing one piece of hardwood. The finished piece can be used for a sign blank or shelving. This activity involves the … Continue reading

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