3D Printing 101 by Scott Cleveland


This past Saturday November 3rd at Kzoo makers I attended our first monthly intro to 3D printing workshop.

Our 3D printing experience was lead by Sean and Kyle from Express Printing Solutions. A local company that prints out designs. They use their industrial grade 3D printing assets to help designers rapid prototype.

Where do I start? How about with WOW!

They brought in a Creality Ender 3 3D printer. They chose this as a recommended entry level 3D printer because it’s only $200.00 and its popularity has brought many upgrade components

to the market so it can grow with your skills!











We were lead through the amazing capabilities of Cura, a “Slicer” program that turns your design (or one you download) into 3D printer language known as “G code.”









Finally we were treated to a demo of the Ender 3 3D printer. We learned a lot about tweaking the machines and the settings that run them.









In the end a great time was had by all.

Afterwards I felt inspired to give this a try myself…











I found this in the corner of our 3D printing area and chose this as my first victim because I had never seen it in use and there was about an inch of dust on it. My thought process was if something went wrong no one would be all that upset with me.

With the help of Ron Schubot, within about 20 minutes we were printing a test cube.

Within 45 minutes I had downloaded these cat rings from Thingiverse and kept printing.

In the beginning the 3D printing process is absolutely mesmerizing.

There’s just something special about three grown men watching purple plastic children’s jewelry come to life!


The 3D printing 101 workshop will repeat monthly on the first Saturday. To find out about all Kzoo Makers events, please visit kzoomakers.org/events-calendar.