We had a full room for our first Raspberry Pi Tuesday.  We gave a brief history of the purpose and development of the first Raspberry Pi in 2012 and the subsequent iterations. 

We did a hands on demonstration of the Python programming language by playing a game of tic_tac_toe and then examining the code behind the game.  And then importing the Turtle module into Python we examined and ran code to draw lines, circles and other geometric shapes in black and white, as well as colors.

We also did a brief introduction to Scratch, a program specifically designed to teach children programming logic.

And we ended the session with everyone starting up a game of Minecraft and experiencing the game that is popular with our younger generation .

We are planning on making Raspberry Pi Hour every Tuesday for the month of January and beyond depending on interest.  Next week we plan on looking under the hood at the terminal and command line, as well as, configuration and possibly some more coding.