One ton of trash

The first Kzoo Makers Clean-up Day started at 9am on Saturday, July 13th. Members who volunteered disposed of 10 yards of trash weighing in at one ton.

Scott Cleveland, the Building Coordinator for Kzoo Makers and the member who facilitated the clean-up day, wishes to personally thank all who volunteered: Daniel W, Tomas A, Stacy B, Don B, Matt M, Ron S, and Allison P.

The group also collected $155 in scrap metal, enough to cover the $73 trash fee, with the difference going to the Kzoo Makers general fund.

Special shout out to Ron for bringing 800 pounds of batteries, which equated to $110.

According to Matt, “It just feels better around here.”

Look for the next clean-up day to take place in the Fall.