Newsletter for June, 2021

Hello Makers!

      We often talk of things happening at “makerspace speed”, which is to say “slowly”, but sometimes things happen at ludicrous speed. We have been radio silent for a while, so we wanted to let everyone know some of the exciting things we have been working on for Kzoo Makers in the background. 

  • Laser Area –  As some of you may have noticed, we now have not one, but three laser cutters on-site. The two new lasers are 90W and 110W; with the former having a high-speed engraving head and rotary cutter, and the latter having a larger bed size and pass-through capability. One of our members has also volunteered some time in giving our original laser some TLC, so you’ll notice it cutting significantly faster than you’re used to. These will be available for members to use after some modifications and upgrading the grid in that area. As well as power being upgraded the ventilation systems for the new lasers will all be located outside the building allowing for a quiet meeting room!
  • Welding Zone –  We’re currently working on upgrading the electrical grid in the metal shop as well and clearing some space in order to offer a welding zone to the membership. With this will include the selling of the old equipment in the metal shop and the purchasing of new(er(ish)). But wait –there’s more!  Similar to the laser area and woodshop, we will soon have an instructor available to show members some basic welding techniques and to offer workshops to the public!
  • Spring Cleaning – We currently have a storage space for wood but a lot of it seems long abandoned and we’re running out of space, so we’re doing some spring cleaning. If you have any wood in the back of the woodshop on the shelves or scattered throughout that you want to keep please make sure it is marked with your name on it within the next 30 days. This will also help us to determine if any storage fees are needed.  Unmarked wood will be sold at auction and proceeds will be earmarked for future upgrades to the woodshop (I’m thinking spray booth/finishing room….). We have tossed around a few ideas and if we have enough interest then we can make this a reality sooner rather than later. Let us know what you would like to see.


In Other News…

     -On June 1st. our gracious president Al Hollaway gave a tour and laser demo to a group of students from Burr Oak High School. They found out about us through the interwebs and are building a small makerspace in their high school and wanted to come and see our little space we’ve carved out for ourselves. Overall they were quite interested in what we’re doing.

    -If you don’t already, please consider using Amazon Smile when you purchase something from Amazon. I recently started using it after setting up my bookmark to always default to Amazon Smile and we have just received an almost 20dollar donation from Amazon after using it for only a few months!

Just follow this link to select Kalamazoo Innovation Initiative as your charity

Then use this link to edit as your bookmark link and you can donate to Kzoo Makers just by buying on Amazon at no extra cost to you!

Until next time makers!!

“The coolest toys don’t have to be bought; they can be built. In fact, sometimes the only way they’ll ever exist is if you make them yourself.” 

Adam Savage