Payment Options for membership:

    • Laser Access Membership:             $25.00/month
    • Regular Membership*:                      $60.00/month**
    • Contract Membership*:                     $45/month, 6 month contract, must pay full 6                                                                                 months up front.**
    • Family Membership*:                        $90.00/month, limited to 2 individuals**
    • All Hours Membership:                     $250.00/month or $2500.00/year**
    • Lifetime Membership*:                     $6,400.00 (one time fee)**

Payment Options for under 18 members:

    • Junior Membership*:                        $35.00/month**

Email for questions


* Building access only during public hours.

** Additional fees may apply for training and certification to use certain types of                        equipment. 

*** Additional fee for Oversize property or project.

A Junior Member;

    1. Must have written consent of a parent or guardian and,
    2. Be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who is also a member, until they reach the age of majority in this state. A Junior Member may become a Regular Member upon reaching the age of majority and paying the Regular Membership dues.

Discounts have been applied to Charter membership ($35.00/month or $420.00/year). Failure to pay will result in loss of discount. These membership classes are no longer available.

Dues are payable in advance to Kzoo Makers’ by the first of each month, considered paid as agreed if paid by the 10th of the month. Dues for partial months may be prorated at the discretion of the Executive Council.

Membership classes may be changed, removed, and/or created as necessary by the Executive Council.

MAKE CHECKS OUT TO: “Kalamazoo Innovation Initiative”

An additional 3.3% will be added to charges paid with a credit card.