We had a full table of people for the Showcase, including a visitor. Don B lead the roundtable.

Chris C. went first and had several projects, which is not unusual.

In honor of Veteran’s Day and the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, Chris laser cut military logos into a piece of wood.







Chris is also working on a new sword, and he created a Christmas tree on the hand lathe











Carrie’s project taught us a lesson of what NOT to do, and we discussed ways to fix it – she did a glue up and the clamps were not tight enough, causing gaps and a lot of uneven ups and downs.







Tanner fixed a crack in the wood by making a bow tie (not pictured) His project is a table. A bow tie is a way to fill in an area

As part of the Woodworkers Guild of Southwest Michigan,  Don S. made some toy cars that will be donated to the Kalamazoo Gospel Michigan. It is a project that the Woodworkers Guild does so children will receive a Christmas gift. We had a long discussion about the Butcher’s Block (shiny!) finish. Note the number on the side of the car – added with the laser cutter.







On Thursday, Cathy brought some baskets she weaved. It’s what she does for fun, especially during a weekend basket making conference. They all nested together, too!!!







Scott continued to 3D print items after he went home last Saturday. His daughter chose the dog.










Want to show and talk about your project? Check the calendar website here for the next chance.