Subwoofer enclosure for a car stereo system – By Georg Rumpf


Please describe your project and include materials and machines used. 

A subwoofer enclosure for a car stereo system. I mostly used the 3D printers to create the inner form and the wood shop to fabricate the outer shell of the enclosure.


How did the makerspace help you plan and complete your project? (Names of people, activities, tools, etc)

The makerspace provided the 3D printers and woodshop for fabrication. Chris C. is always a good source for advice.


What (or who?) inspired your project? 

Random interests perpetuated by other random interests. I guess.


How long did it take to complete your project? (rough estimate of hours worked)

80hrs to complete the project.


If you had any problems, please describe what happened and how you overcame the issue(s).


What do you plan to do with your finished project?

Gift it

How did any local businesses or other sponsors help you with your project? (materials, assistance, etc)