Intergalactic Bathroom Sign (Master and castings) by Kevin Hayden


Please describe your project and include materials and machines used.

CNC Machine, pine boards, shelving, chop saw, Alumilite resin and silicone


How did the makerspace help you plan and complete your project? (Names of people, activities, tools, etc)

Kzoo Makers was instrumental in making this project happen as I used the wood shop’s CNC machine and CAD CAM software to make the master model for the signs.

The bathroom sign was my second attempt at CNC milling and zone leader Don Batts was a lot of help in getting started. It was also the first design I managed to eventually mill start to finish myself.


What (or who?) inspired your project?

General love of sci fi and fantasy and a desire to stay alive within capitalism.


How long did it take to complete your project? (rough estimate of hours worked)

Roughly two weeks with various stops and starts.


If you had any problems, please describe what happened and how you overcame the issue(s).

Initially there were a couple of molds that didn’t cure properly and had bad texture flaws or simply didn’t cure. It turned out we needed to let the mold cure for far longer than expected and avoid certain sealants that inhibit silicone curing.


What do you plan to do with your finished project?

Sell it


How did any local businesses or other sponsors help you with your project? (materials, assistance, etc)

Alumilite was very helpful with advice on which resins and silicones to use.