by Jon Stibal

Please describe your project and include materials and machines used.

This project was to build a lighted glass flower garden, used to display glass flowers between 3″ and 9″ in height. It was made from a 8″x6″x3″ maple wood block, run through the jointer and planer, cut into two smaller slabs on the band saw, and machined on the CNC router. It uses an Adafruit Pro Trinket (Arduino compatible) controller, three 12-channel PWM LED drivers and 11 RGB LEDs to light the glass flowers. The laser cutter was used to burn images into the wood for further decoration.


How did the makerspace help you plan and complete your project? (Names of people, activities, tools, etc)

Don Batts trained me on the CNC router while working on this project and helped with the initial Aspire programming.


What (or who?) inspired your project?

This was a present for my wife, who got me my membership to the Kzoo Makers for Christmas. I needed a method to display glass flowers that my son and I had made for her at a glass class.


How long did it take to complete your project? (rough estimate of hours worked)

20 hours


If you had any problems, please describe what happened and how you overcame the issue(s).



What do you plan to do with your finished project?

Display it


How did any local businesses or other sponsors help you with your project? (materials, assistance, etc)