Holidays can be a fun theme to use for projects. Back in February 2017, Kzoo Makers found several ways to put that idea into action with 3D printing, laser cutting, and polymer clay.

For starters, Jason in the 3D printing area made a heart just for Kzoo Makers! You can see the design on the screen and the finished sample below.

3D heart pendant design

Kzoo Makers 3D heart pendant

3D heart pendant

Dan focused on laser cutting a glass tile. These have to be etched in reverse on the bottom to show through the top. Do you love it more?

Laser cut glass tile

Laser cut glass tile

Finally, Cathy hosted a Valentine’s polymer clay pendant workshop in the arts and crafts area. For $5 a person, we learned about different tools to use to design our hearts, and how to play with the clay. We baked our items in a toaster oven at the end. Some of the hearts ended up as gifts. We also had a choice of colors. What I remember most is how my hands looked. Can you tell the color of my hearts?

polymer clay workshop

Hands after using polymer clay

KM Valentine's polymer clay workshop

KM Valentine’s polymer clay workshop

Baking the clay

Baking the clay

polymer clay project display

Will’s (blue) project, made with help from dad.

The extra items from the Valentine’s Day theme are part of a display table by the lounge area at Kzoo Makers, at least as of today. They are a few of many Kzoo Makers projects on display. Another way to see examples of projects is at a maker faire. In fact, when you visit a maker faire (mini to large) you will see examples of a variety of projects from all types of makers. The makers may be a part of a space similar to Kzoo Makers or they may be completely different. Think of it like a science fair or a county fair where you can check out (and sometimes, try) different projects. Maker Faire “season” (if there is such a thing) has officially begun. The Kzoo Makers participated at the first Lansing mini-maker faire at the end of April. The next one we will be a part of is on June 3rd at the Southwest Michigan Mini-Maker Faire in St. Joseph. For more information on the faire, click here. If you go, please come and say “hello” and let us know if you love us more.