Time is running out to become a Charter Member of the Kzoo Makers! A Charter Membership provides some unique benefits and the sign-up deadline is December 31, 2016. To receive more information about the Charter Membership opportunities please use our CONTACT FORM.

The Kzoo Makers are currently enrolling new members. The basic monthly membership has been set at $50.00 per month. Further detail on other types of membership will be provide as they are developed.

So, if you are a Do-It-Yourself individual or tinkerer, the Kzoo Makers Space will provide the tools, work area, and mentoring to assist you in your projects.

Featuring a Raspberry Pi Room, 3D Printing Area, Electronics Room, Laser Cutting, Woodworking Shop and Meet-up Area. A future Metal shop, Crafting Area, and Machine Shop are in the works.

Come visit us during our normal business hours and tour the facility

Monday 4-8pm

Tuesday 4-8pm

Thursday 4-8pm

Saturday 4-8pm