Almost every time I do a tour, I start in the back with the electronics area and work my way around to the meeting and workshop areas. This is the point that anyone on the tour thinks we are about done until I say something similar to “But wait! There is more!” Then we exit and cross through the breezeway area to the next door. This post will highlight the areas and activities in the “blue” building.

Kyle building a tableThe most popular along with the most complete area would be the wood shop. When you walk into the wood shop, you are most likely going to find Don, also the zone leader. Don is usually making items to sell or to prepare for one of the workshops. Sometimes several wood workers, including Don, will be working as a group on a project for Kzoo Makers or for a particular person in the group. Workshops have includedMaking a Shelf out of rough cut lumber,” “ V carving CNC with Don Batts” to understand the flow of the CNC machine for V-carving, and “Build a Bluebird house and lecture.” Tables, like what Kyle is working on in the photo, are an item with a high amount of interest. Look for more workshops coming soon including a CNC 2-day training in November (here) for those who have some experience.

Intro to WeldingTo the right of the wood shop is the beginning of  a machine shop, and a welding area. To prepare participants for future welding area activities, Mark M. (zone leader) presented a basic overview PowerPoint. Mark stated that the overview is required before participating in any of the welding activities. Judging by the audience size at the first presentation, welding will probably be a popular area.

The area behind the future machine shop is currently being subleased by an artist known as “Thor.”  The activities in Josh’s (Thor’s) studio are separate from the Kzoo Makers, unless invited. Josh does use Facebook as a way to “check-in” at Kzoo Makers and show a photo of his or his students’ current projects.

The other thing you may notice as you walk through the breezeway is that there are stacks of wood. The wood is coming from Dan W and Mark B’s lumber mill. Yes, that would be the same mill we toured a few months ago that you can read about here.

Stay tuned for the final part coming soon. Thanks!