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If you have seen the Kzoo Makers Arts and Crafts area then you may know that more room is available for wall decorations. What better way to add one than as a group project? With the book “Snippet Sensations: Fast, Fusible Fabric Art for Quilted or Framed Projects” by Cindy Walter as a guide, we learned the technique to create a wall hanging. Cathy lead four of us (a mix of members and non-members) first through background from the book, and then through practice with the materials. The point of fusible is that there is no sewing. We ironed the fabric being used as the backdrop or the pieces,  cut the pieces then peeled the sticky backing, and went to work on the layout. We chose a basic style for the vase and then created many leaves, flowers or grass stems and collaboratively discussed the layout. Once we agreed to a final design, Cathy ironed the fabric so the pieces would stick. The final wall display has a border and a mat which Cathy added later. Check out the photos below for the process.

The Arts and Crafts area hosts regular events on the second and third Thursdays of the month. More information about Kzoo Makers available here.

Cathy ironing the fabric.

Snippet Wall Hanging

The fabric with the sticky backing, ready to peel.

Snippet Wall Hanging

Katherine planning a design

Snippet Wall Hanging

Julie cutting out stems

Snippet Wall Hanging

Helen working on the layout at some point during the two hours.

Snippet Wall Hanging

Helen, Stacy, Katherine and Cathy with the final design.


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