Tuesday in the Raspberry Pi Zone

Tuesday the Raspberry Pi enthusiast participated in a demonstration of a small robot project from Adafruit.  The robot came in a DIY kit form and was assembled by Paul Moreno.Ron Schubot, the Electronic Zone Mentor, did the fine soldering that required a very steady hand.  The group had previously worked with the Python “Turtle Module” and had found that experience translated well in using the “Robot Module” we imported into Python.

After demonstrating the Python script that came with the kit Mike and Shawn wrote their own Python script to control the Robot.


All in all it was a good learning experience and provided the building block to expand the Robot’s capabilities by adding sensors and even a camera in the future.

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Rostock Max 3D Printer Complete

Rostock Max v3 desktop 3D printer project completed today with Mark Peters and Ron Schubot completing the final calibration and test print.

The DIY kit was donated to the KZOO Makers by www.SeeMeCNC.com

KZOO Makers Space will be holding weekly 3D printing workshops every Thursday evening from 6:30 – 8:30 P.M.  Come on out and learn all about this great technology.

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Raspberry Pi Tuesdays

We had a full room for our first Raspberry Pi Tuesday.  We gave a brief history of the purpose and development of the first Raspberry Pi in 2012 and the subsequent iterations. 

We did a hands on demonstration of the Python programming language by playing a game of tic_tac_toe and then examining the code behind the game.  And then importing the Turtle module into Python we examined and ran code to draw lines, circles and other geometric shapes in black and white, as well as colors.

We also did a brief introduction to Scratch, a program specifically designed to teach children programming logic.

And we ended the session with everyone starting up a game of Minecraft and experiencing the game that is popular with our younger generation .

We are planning on making Raspberry Pi Hour every Tuesday for the month of January and beyond depending on interest.  Next week we plan on looking under the hood at the terminal and command line, as well as, configuration and possibly some more coding.


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Charter Membership Opportunity

Time is running out to become a Charter Member of the Kzoo Makers! A Charter Membership provides some unique benefits and the sign-up deadline is December 31, 2016. To receive more information about the Charter Membership opportunities please use our CONTACT FORM.

The Kzoo Makers are currently enrolling new members. The basic monthly membership has been set at $50.00 per month. Further detail on other types of membership will be provide as they are developed.

So, if you are a Do-It-Yourself individual or tinkerer, the Kzoo Makers Space will provide the tools, work area, and mentoring to assist you in your projects.

Featuring a Raspberry Pi Room, 3D Printing Area, Electronics Room, Laser Cutting, Woodworking Shop and Meet-up Area. A future Metal shop, Crafting Area, and Machine Shop are in the works.

Come visit us during our normal business hours and tour the facility

Monday 4-8pm

Tuesday 4-8pm

Thursday 4-8pm

Saturday 4-8pm

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3D Printer Build Phase II

03step2-completeWorked resumed on the Rostock Max v3 desktop 3D printer this week.  The DIY kit was donated to the KZOO Makers by www.SeeMeCNC.com and has a six step assembly plan to follow.  This week we worked on finishing Step 2, the bearings and base assembly.                                              ——->


Scott and Shane began work on Step 3, the top assembly.


New method for pressing bearings work well.  And Step 3, Top Assembly finished successfully.

02step3_pressing-bearings 04step3-assembly-complete

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3D Printer Build

Members of the KZOO Makers gathered on Sunday morning to assemble a Rostock Max v3 desktop 3D printer.  The DIY kit was donated to the KZOO Makers by www.SeeMeCNC.com and has a six step assembly plan to follow.


Mark Peters and Ron Schubot lead the project with help from Rich Mather, Scott Mischke, and Paul Moreno.

3d-printer-step1-teamRon and Mark work on the wire assembly, Right while Rich and Scott work on the bearings and base assembly, below.



Paul prepared the top assembly for build, right. The team nearly completed the first two stages of the build and will continue the build at a TBA date and time.  Any one interested in being a helper or spectator please comment  and someone will contact you.

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KZOO Makers Meetup and Social


The Kzoo Makers invite you to come down to the new space on November 12, 4:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.; take a tour, socialize, and participate in the general meeting. These will be scheduled the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. Thanks!

Please note that open hours are available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 4-8pm.

RSVP – if you wish

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A project from Don Batts

Don Batts made the makerspace a sign.

White oak, V carved with 90° carbide bit, software for design was Aspire (Vectric Corp). The CNC machine is run by Mach 3 software using g code generated by Aspire.

The CNC machine is from Legacy (Explorer model) and has a workspace of 25″x25″x5″, and machines to a tolerance of a few thousands of an inch.


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Makerspace BBQ


Monday 9/5/2106 at 2:00 pm. We will be grilling some hot dogs, bratwurst, hamburgers, and chicken. Bring a dish to pass. See the makerspace and enjoy some food.

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Lets Start Making the Makerspace

In the next few weeks, the Kzoo Makers will be cleaning and setting up the 1102 E Michigan locale for members. Come down on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, and/or Saturday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

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